Board, Staff & Education Committee

What We Do

We work to nurture connections between plants, people, past and present, in an inspiring natural setting that invites discovery. When you stroll through the lush Arboretum, you'll find all kinds of natural resources tucked away on the site:


  • Suzanne Smith
  • Jill Turbak
  • Diane Gildemaster, Executive Director
  • Cindy Hulstein
  • Paula Rogers
  • Nancy Klinkenborg
  • Kari Brynjulson

Wegner Arboretum Society Board of Directors

  • Pam Taylor Jansa, Board President
  • Sue Aguilar
  • Steve Sikorski
  • Ann Kolbrek
  • Ann Randall
  • David Rezac
  • Don Kearney, Director Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation
  • Jessica Wells
  • Don Staka
  • Kathrine Schnabel
  • Mary Ellen Connelly
  • Mike Crane
  • Scott Anderson, Minnehaha County Planning Director
  • Sarah Stowers
  • Ann Wilson
  • Shelly Johnson
  • Pat Lloyd

Education Team

  • Judy Jasper
  • Ann Wilson-- Board of Directors
  • Rebecca Eeton
  • Cathy Coulter
  • Don Decker
  • Rochelle Peterson
  • Sue McAdaragh