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The Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and East Sioux Falls Historic Site is rich with evidence of the past and provides plenty of ways to discover the history of the area. When you stroll through the lush Arboretum, you'll find all kinds of wonders tucked away on the site:

  • Gardens

    Gardens display a wealth and variety of plant life, both local and exotic.

  • Native Plant Communities

    Interpretive exhibits explain the significance of the dry prairies, wetlands, woodlands, meadows and a floodplain forest.

  • Landscaped areas

    Maintained landscapes provide for recreational use, including wedding gardens, a schoolhouse, and a picnic area.

  • Cultural Resources

    Historic quarrying and stone cutting operations and the former East Sioux Falls town site provide a rich variety of cultural features.

  • Trails

    A system of trails lead visitors around the site along old railroad beds, wagon and town roads, and the Big Sioux River.

  • Town Site History Pavilion

    An open-air pavilion with displays on local history explain the operations of the Jasper Quartzite Quarries in the area.