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Schoolhouse Items

Anonymous - American flag for classroom

Mary Ellen Connelly - gardening books, metal George Washington lunchbox

Don & Dorothy Crouse - large slate chalkboard (5'5" x 42"), 2 large metal serving trays

Don Decker - personal chalkboard with frame (13" x 13"), metal water dipper, & tin cup

Rebecca Eeten - several children's books

Great Life Fitness & Golf - 4-seat golf cart

Mary Dean Janklow - Spotting scope

Judy Jasper - antique children's desks and chairs, coal pail with display coal, pot-belly coal stove, eight gallon pottery water crock, blue barn lantern with handle, reflecting oil wall lamp, standing coat rack, schoolhouse bell, metal cracker box, kerosene lamp, two metal lunch pails, photograph of Jasper parents, 40-cup coffee maker, coffee maker, insulated coffee servers, wooden serving bowls, wooden serving trays, metal trays, phonograph/cd/cassette/radio

Helen Kennedy - personal chalk board with box and handle (12" x 8.5"), wall hooks for coats

Lance Klutman - classroom photos of East Sioux Falls classes of 1957 and 1958

Sunni Koch - McGuffy First Reader

Ann Louise Kuehn - butterfly flashcards, art postcards, birding flashcards, vintage schoolhouse posters

Ann Louise Kuehn and Judy Jasper - flag salute poster, picture of schoolmaster with students

Eugene and Betty Larsen - bell for bell tower (1886, #3 Yoke style, C.S. Bell Company of Hillsboro, Ohio), encyclopedia set, antique wooden teacher's desk

Marilyn Larson - desk, third grade report card from 1935, school photographs

Manifold Family - loaned a photo of the East Sioux Falls Class of 1923

Marsha Millage - Antique book, American Flag, child's personal chalkboard, 2 lunch pails

Audrey Marx - unabridged 20th Century Dictionary (1939), standing metal coat rack

Kate Parkinson - water dipper

Rochelle Pederson - box of vinyl records, filmstrips and projector

Keith Perkins - snake terrarium, library display table, Wild Grape (ink and acrylic) by artist, Vickie Schumacher.

Wally Sickmiller - antique books

Arlys Sikorski - glass ink well

Sarah & Mark Stowers - abstract painting by an unknown artist, from Lyon, France. Digital First-Day-of-Issue by artist Elizabeth Brandon

Kathryn Talley - desk

Pam Taylor Jansa - Chautauqua Industrial Art Desk, wooden serving bowls, wooden serving trays, metal trays

United States Postal Service - First-Day-of-Issue artwork from the 'Flowers of the Garden' botanical stamp

Beverly Wellman - Eight volumes of The New Nature Library books

Edna Wilcox - antique wooden telephone

Kay Williams - framed schoolhouse stamp, hand bell