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Introduction to Beekeeping

Saturday, February 29, 2020
8:30 am4:30 pm
Mabel and Judy Jasper Educational Center
Introduction to Beekeeping

This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills for a successful first year of beekeeping. Topics will include: honey bee biology; beekeeping vocabulary; purchasing honey bees; installing bees in hives; beekeeping equipment; honey bee pests and diseases; four season bee colony care; planning for managing bee hives for the first year of beekeeping; and more.

According to Tim Olsen, NWIABKA President & Lead Educator, “The goal of the Introduction to Beekeeping Weekend Workshop is to provide first year beekeepers with the knowledge and skills to manage sustainable colonies of healthy and productive honey bees.”
Beekeeping in Northern Climates manuals, hand-out materials, room rental, refreshments, Saturday lunch, and beekeeping door prizes are included in the workshop fees.
Contact the NW Iowa Beekeepers Association for workshop details, fees, and registration. Email:, or call 507-227-5919.