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Chef John Gilbertson

Warm Tummies Cooking Classes

Celebrated Chef John Gilbertson is sharing the art of Warm Tummies through his comprehensive cooking series.

Family cooking is Chef John’s love, and comfort from the kitchen comes naturally under his direction. Join him for hands-on cooking instruction in our state of the art teaching kitchen. For new cooks, and those wishing to expand their culinary expertise, you'll pick up recipes and techniques to transform your cooking, while enjoying an evening out!

The Wegner Arboretum seeks to hold classes and events that bring people and nature together, with a focus on eating well, cooking, and growing.

Get a TASTE of Chef John's other Warm Tummies Classes:

INDUCTION COOKING Poached Chicken & Leek Soup
Induction cooking is hotter, quicker, safer and far more intelligent than other cooking methods. Learn the basics of using an induction range hands on while preparing tender herb and butter poached chicken and a savory leek soup.

Break a Few Eggs to Perfect Egg Dishes: OMELETTES & EGGS
Chef Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846 –1935) knew 147 ways to cook eggs, we will learn 4. Omelettes, scrambled, poached and pan fried eggs will all be prepared in this hands on workshop using induction range technology.

BRAISING VEGETABLES to Create Layers of Flavors (Vegan)
Braising vegetables is a slow cooking technique that can give superb outcomes. Winter vegetables, fennel, endive, cabbage and roots will be explored in this hands on workshop. 

Perfectly Prepared PORK TENDERLOIN
Flavor takes center stage as we learn to prepare and cook fresh pork tenderloin. Hands on cooking skills will be shared in this fast paced class.

Master POACHING & STEAMING Techniques
Vegetables, grains, proteins, pastas and starches all do well with these important cooking techniques. Build your cooking skills at this delicious class. Tools used will include induction and microwave.

SOUP Blessings (Vegan)
A good soup is a blessing, a great soup does much more! Learn to really build flavors using vegetables, aromatics and herbs in this hands-on class.

Flour, rice, buckwheat, noodle ingredients are endless! Let’s make simple kluski noodles while sampling many more!

Heart Homemade STEWS
Sear for flavor, braise for tenderness!
Braising is a skill that can change textures while building incredible flavors. We will build stews from beef, vegetables and poultry—bring your appetite.

Irish butter and currants alongside fresh baked soda bread. A taste of Ireland that you will love to bake in your own home. Comes with a baking kit for 1 loaf.

How to ROAST Mouthwatering PORK
Forget prime rib, learn the secret of dry heat roasting, using pork ribeye, loin and tenderloin. Along with roasted vegetables, a one pan meal never tasted so good.

Corned beef, Bangers and mash, bubble and squeak and Irish breakfast are all touched on during this celebration of Irish style foods.

Chef John moves over to let his spouse, Eileen share her secret for fluffy chicken and dumplings during this perfect break from Winter. 8 ingredients never tasted so good!


• CAP de cuisine Francaise
• Prepared cuisine for Pres. George Bush, Pres. George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II
• Exec Chef Tailfeathers Restaurant
• Exec. Chef Sheraton Hotel & Sioux Falls Convention Center
• Former SD Chef of the Year
• Past President Black Hills Assoc. of Prof. Chefs
• Restaurant of the Year SD Pork Producers
• Chef Mentor to SD Prostart (see link)