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Tucked away on the edge of the Empire lies a forest filled with mysteries and delight! Nature is magic in real life. Discover the WILD side of the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum!

Align with nature... Magic happens.   —John Friend

MEMBERS receive $10 OFF for every camper!

Please support your Arboretum, and enjoy reciprocal benefits.

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Come wander, stomp, run, and romp through our 155-acre Nature Playground! Your wild ones will discover WOODS & WATER through natural fun and scientific play! Collect bugs, create nature art, and learn Happy Camper skills.

Two unique programs, each includes EARTH, WIND, and "FIRE!" Your young EXPLORERS will enjoy the earth through NATURE-learning and fun over 4 days, uncovering and discovering. 

For campers ages to 5–10 in 2024.

Each day will provide an opportunity to BREATH life into their creative spirit with crafts aligned with the day's adventures. Every day will find the campers in new surroundings, representing the faces of South Dakota, from prairie, forest, wetlands, and quarry stone.

Short hikes on our trails and through forests will kindle a "FIRE" in campers' bellies!

Each camper will receive a Camp WILD T-shirt.

Join us this summer for CAMP WILD at the Arboretum!

Happy Camper Testimonials

"I'll be coming back to Camp WILD because it is an excellent opportunity to immerse my children in nature and sloooow down. Many camp options during the summer seem fast paced, overwhelming, and focused on contrived activities. But Camp WILD is 100% focused on the natural world, as any good summer camp should be. :) "

"My kids will be going back to camp next year as it was such a fun, enriching and special time for my kids. Of all the camps they did, this was their favorite. I still hear them sing camp songs or mention a camp fact months later. Thank you!!!"

"My camper had the BEST time! Such a fun experience that he will remember for years to come."

"Boys loved it and were mad when we missed. Thank you we will be back next year for sure!"

"...We loved it and will be back next summer!"

"[My daughter] hated to miss a day of camp. She loved everything. She'll be back next year."

NURTURE NATURE Scholarship Opportunities

Know a KID-NATURALIST deserving of a week at Camp WILD? 
Recommend a Scholarship Recipient for a Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum NURTURE NATURE SCHOLARSHIP.