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Vegetable Gardening 101: Session 3

Thursday, April 25, 2024
6:00 pm7:30 pm

The Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum is partnering with the Minnehaha County Master Gardeners to bring you Vegetable Gardening 101. Set yourself up for a successful vegetable garden. Begin with the plentiful answers from Master Gardener Jerry Mills. Together, you will get your hands dirty and learn a comprehensive foundation of vegetable gardening.

Welcome Minnehaha Master Gardeners! Submit the code for free admittance. Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum Members receive a $10 discount. If you have not received your discount code contact Natalie, or call our office.

Jerry will guide you with his tested and true method. Take each class individually, or take all 4 weeks of focused know-how so you can hit the ground growing!


How big does a garden have to be to support 2 people? Make a garden that will feed your troop, and not tax your enthusiasm. Jerry will help you find the right spot, based on soil, sun, drainage and proximity to the good and the bad. Learn why tilling in the fall is so helpful. Learn how to test your soil, and then how to effect changes that will make healthier plants.

In this session, break down the options of what to plant, and when. Get tips on ways to save space by planting "up" or "out." Ask yourself if you want a Salad Garden or a Salsa Garden, or a Storage Garden. Learn which vegetables tolerate heat, and which are cool season "A" vegetables. There will be specific info on planting in small spaces and for choosing seeds that produce the healthiest varieties, with lots of specific recommendations. Also, find out what makes a HYBRID or HEIRLOOM and why you might want them.

Think you know how to water? Can you water at night? Should the leaves get wet? How much water do you plants need each week? Why should you water under your mulch? And about mulch...What is it, really? You will find out what it's function is, and how to maximize it's benefits based on your plant's needs. It can be organic in many forms, but also inorganic, as in plastic sheeting.
Getting a handle on watering and taking advantage of the benefits of mulch will go a long way in ensuring your vegetable garden's success.

WEEK 4: "What could possibly go wrong!?"
During this week you will be presented with ways to deal with infestations of insects and diseases that can happen in any garden. Jerry will share his Master Gardener expertise to prepare you, and make sure you know the best way to find help. Healthy plants also benefit from fertilizers, and you'll get a base of understanding about what your plants need from the soil, and how to balance the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium they crave.

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